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Why Kitchen Witches Soap?

My daughters and I started making soap over ten years ago in search of soap that would be gentle on our sensitive skin and not laden with harmful chemicals. Through extensive research, we developed a formula that is super bubbly, creamy and gentle. While we can’t give our secret formula away, we can tell you it contains olive, palm and coconut oil along with shea butter. Over the years, our family and friends have been gifted with our homemade soaps, scrubs and lotions, but we never thought about selling any. Everything changed when we brought soap to an open house and it was a hit. By the time we did our second event, we knew we had something special and decided to become an official business.

We are a military family who has traveled the world, had our soldier deployed five times and faced the challenges that military life demands. We have called the North Country home for the past 17 years and can’t imagine living any place else. Astrologically, we are two Capricorns and a Sagittarius; driven, meticulous, authentic, but not afraid to be a bit different. Professionally, we are a Registered Nurse, Licensed Esthetician and Kitchen Witch; ensuring skin-loving, healthy ingredients in all products. We put our retired soldier in charge of shipping and receiving. He also does the set-up for our shows and provides essential cheerleading and support when we need it most.


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